Hi, I’m Amber!


A proud metro-Detroiter, by day, I work as support staff in higher education;  by night: I’m Batman. Okay, so I’m not really Batman, but I am working on obtaining a Bachelor degree in Psychology along with various IT certifications. That's essentially the same thing, right?

In addition to photography, my interests include web development, programming, blogging, Star Wars, travel, video gaming, cosplay, Star Wars, conventions, movies, live music, Star Wars, volunteering, and spending quality time with family and friends. Did I happen to mention Star Wars?

I have been a fan of photography for the majority of my adult life; always fascinated by the artistry of the craft and eager to learn more about it with every shot I take. I've recently started focusing more on portraiture and hope to start shooting live concerts and events this year as well.

Amber Willits Dot Com is my official photography portfolio and blog. Additionally, you can always find more of my work on Flickr and Instagram where, if you see a photo you like, please feel free to share  on social media and be sure to tag yourself and those you know.

My  photos are copyrighted so please don’t alter, claim, or otherwise attempt to sell them as your own; because frankly that’s illegal and it will make me very sad. 

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Amber Willits Dot Com! I hope that you enjoy my work and I encourage you to check back often for additions to my portfolio and latest photographic adventures.